Henry Cowen- Guide, Writer, Fly Tier- As a long time contract fly designer, many of my salt water flies that are being manufactured by Umpqua Feather Merchants are tied using either epoxy or Softex. Two of the baitfish patterns hold multiple IGFA line class world records on striped bass, Kentucky spotted bass and golden dorado. Today, when tying any of these flies I never use either of these bonding agents any longer. Since being introduced to CCG my tying has become quicker, easier and healthier. No smell, no toxicity and no yellowing! I would highly recommend using CCG for all your tying needs.
Henry Cowen

Nick Curcione- Writer, Double Hand Casting Guru, Fly Tier- "This stuff is awesome- I love it. Its fast easy and fool proof, it adds chemistry to my flies"


Capt Bruce Chard- FL Guide- Writer- Fly Tyer- There are so many different methods that allow me to use Clear Cure Goo when tying my salt water flies. I stopped tying many different patterns that called for epoxy because it took me too long. But now I can whip right through my permit crab patterns in no time using the Clear Cure Goo. Whether it is supporting the under body on my crab patterns or strengthening the inside of my baitfish patters Clear Cure Goo rocks!!
Captain Bruce Chard


Nick Granato- Rainy's Contract Tier, William Joseph Pro Staff, Clear Cure Goo Prostaff- "I've never liked working with epoxy due to the mess and hassle that comes with it... In addition the mixing and curing eats up precious time while at the tying desk so honestly I never used it much. So when epoxy alternatives came onto the market my excitement was short lived due to the yellowing and brittleness the products experienced after a short time. Now after almost a year of use I'm finally happy with a UV bonding agent and that product is Clear Cure Goo! There is finally a product that cures rock hard in seconds without becoming yellow or brittle over time... Not to mention a breath of products like brush-able, thick, thin and my favorite FLEXIBLE for any style of fly. CCG is a truly innovative product that I use regularly at the vise and I can't wait to get my hands on the new tack free!"


Jay Murakoshi - Fly Tier, Guide- "I've been using Clear Cure Goo since I was introduced to the product at one of the fly fishing trade shows.  For a number of years, I have used a 2 part 5 minute epoxy but have completely eliminated the product from my tying desk.   As a commercial tyer, I tie up a lot of bait fish flies such as the sea habit bucktail.   This fly has a epoxy head.   With the 5 minute epoxy, you have approximately 3 minutes to shape a head before the epoxy starts to harden.   With the CCG, you have a lot of time to shape the head without the worries of setting.  Once you have shape the head, you just use the UV light that comes in the kit and the head is set.   I cover the finished head with the CCG thin material and a coat of Loon Hard Head.
I spend a lot of time in Baja fishing the flies and found that the sun and saltwater will not yellow the CCG.   Also, this material won't crack if you accidentally bounced the fly off the rocks or hit the boat.
I highly recommend giving this product a try.   Try it - you'll like it"
Jay Murakoshi
Flies Unlimited


Capt. Ian Devlin- Creator of Devil N Blends - Saltwater Guide - Fly Tier- Clear Cure Goo has replaced the use of epoxy and silicone for me. There is no waste, no fumes and you don't have to work within a time restraint that you do with other fixitives. Clear Cure Goo has revolutionized my fly tying and makes tying more fun and allows me to be more creative
Capt. Ian Devlin


Ron Dong- Fly Tier- Creator of the Ron Dong Crease Fly- I see Brushable CCG as the best product available  to  allow the discriminating fly tier to custom alter the flex  of synthetics to mimic natural hair or feathers.   Simply brush CCG exactly where you want stiffness after the fly is tied.  Time is not a factor in the curing process so you can take your time to use the precise amount Brushable CCG exactly where you want it.  Even more important, it can all be done in minute stages.


Capt. Bill Baldus- FL Guide, Fly Tier-"Clear Cure adds another dimension to fly tying with the ability to position and affix materials in unique ways and have them set in an instant, something that is not possible with expoxy"
Capt. Bill Baldus


Curtis Fry- Fly Tier, Writer "I've used epoxy in my fly tying for years and after my first time using CCG, I haven't used epoxy since.  CCG greatly simplifies my work flow and turns out a better end-result than my old epoxy methods"


Barry Reynolds- Filmaker, Fly Tier, Writer - Hi Brian! I finally got a day to just sit and tie and explore the many uses your product offers, I have three words to describe your product,"easy" , "fast" "effective"! I love the product and have found many great uses! On my Gen X Bunny Flies for example, I have found multiple uses, I use the flexible clear cure goo to stiffen up the base of the tail and to marry the unique hair, flash, and rabbit strip tail together. This gives the tail lift away from the hook shank making fouling of the tail almost non existent! I had been using silicone prior to finding your material and while it work it was much thicker, messier, smellier and less effective than your product! I then used the Clear Cure Goo thick to coat and build up a crystal clear head making what I feel is not only a durable fly but adds to the final "look" of the fly as well! Brian I give your product two thumbs up and will continue to explore the many useful ways to implement your product into my fly designs! Congratulations!
Barry Reynolds


Capt. Honson Lau- Photographer, Fly Tier, Guide- Have you ever cast a tarpon toad into a 30 knot right angled wind only to have the fly hit the side of the boat or near the tip of the flyrod on your forward cast?  Well, if the tip of your fly rod didn't break, the cheap pre-made plastic eyes you used to tie on your toad just did.  Using heavy mono, beads, and clear cure goo, it takes a whole lot less time to make my own indestructible mono plastic eyes for my toads.  I have landed 100lb tarpon, pulled the fly out, and was still able to cut the mono eyes off the fly to reuse them after the rest of the fly was destroyed.  I can also use the clear cure goo to coat the line wraps on flies (making the fly more resistant to abrasion) and even secure items on hooks without having to go through the time and mess of mixing regular epoxy, letting the fly sit on a rotator, and waiting for it to cure.  I simply apply the clear cure goo, hit it with the curing light for a few seconds, and instant hardening.  When you are a fishing guide, tie your own flies, and have to restock on flies before the next day on the water, waiting all night for regular epoxy to cure sucks.  Clear cure goo has given me back hours of tying time.  With 3 different types of goo, you can choose the right one for your specific application.  The Hard goo is great for making mono eyes and securing items to hooks.  The flex goo is great for securing heads on baitfish patterns.  The thin goo is great for penetrating the thin crevices between thread wraps and reinforcing those wraps for a stronger more indestructible fly. 
Capt. Honson Lau
CHL Charters: Biscayne Bay, Key Largo, Islamorada

Pat Cohen- CCG Pro Tier, Artist-
Clear Cure Goo gives my flies the strength and durability that I need to bounce streamers off of rocks, stumps, weeds and teeth in order to catch my warm water prey. It stays clear and adds extra sheen to the head or belly of a fly. I use CCG on the nose, collar and belly of all my deer hair bass bugs to add strength to them as well. It's virtually no mess, cures in seconds and can be used on almost any material...Love this stuff

John Zajano- Fly Tier - The entire line of Clear Cure products covers every need in tying for strong, clear applications, whether thick or thin, hard or soft. My epoxy and silicone are in the trash!!