1-15ml Squeeze Bottle Of Clear Cure Goo Thin

1- Tip and Cap

Price: $15.50

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Clear Cure Goo Thin Squeeze flows and smooths much faster than the Flexible of the Thick and is one of our best selling products. This is a great choice for a tier who is meticulous in their tying. It blends the ability to apply a good amount of material on a fly and being able to have it smooth out very nicely.

This produces a smoother finish but also penetrate materials like dubbing, and feathers much better, providing a stronger bond to such materials.

Having the material in a squeezable bottle it gives more control to the user, compared to the syringes. It also give you 5 more ml. Simple to use just twist off the black shipping cap and add the orange tip. Turn the bottle over and apply small gradual pressure. When the Clear Cure Goo begins to come out, add it to your fly. To stop the fly simply release the pressure on the bottle and flip it back up right, and the bottle will create enough suction for it to pull all the material back into the bottle.

Perfect for wing casings, nymphs, midges and such. The Squeeze Bottle allows you to put a precise pin point amount of material where ever you choose.

The Clear Cure Thin cures with a slight tacky feel to it. You can remove this by applying hand sanitizer ( 62% alcohol ) to it which will create a matte finish OR- you can apply a small layer of head cement or lacquer to it. I typically thin down my head cement to the tune of 2/3 head cement to 1/3 acetone. This allows the head cement to be applied in a very thin layer and aids in cutting down drying times.

The Clear Cure Goo Thin comes in a 15ml Squeeze Bottle.
Recommended Curing Time: 7-10 seconds